Come on! Arbor didn't know they were committing fraud since 1999? They don't know what is going on within their own company? They chose to select a few employees and throw them under the bus. They had a state inspection in 2006 and simply got away with it at that time.

The above story used to be archived but is now buried God knows where. What are they trying to hide?

Here is a screenshot of when it was available via the archives at Mlive...

And they lied to numerous governmental agencies for their own purpose

They REALLY like using this software company despite the software companies criminal activities.
Suncoast Solutions
More Suncoast
More Suncoast criminal activities
And more illegal Suncoast business dealings

But Arbor Hospice goes hand in hand with the lying and criminality. DIANE FARMER AND ANATHEA COLLAR lie to the state over and over again on numerous issues...for example.....

The following documents all pertain to the circumstances surrounding ONE PERSON...This person's last day was...

Now wait a are phone calls to and from

And let's not leave out the copies of the pages sent to this person FROM DIANE FARMER AT ARBOR HOSPICE which also contradicts their lies...

Page number 1

Page number 2

Page number 3

Page number 4

Back to the lies provided by DIANE FARMER of Arbor Hospice regarding THE SAME person's "last day". Here is yet ANOTHER "last day" (lie) provided by Arbor Hospice TO a third party, which was not received by this person because of them was taking care of an ill parent out of town.

And, of course, yet ANOTHER date....

OH WAIT....yet ANOTHER date....

O.k. well, it looks like this person is not going to get their last paycheck due to the habitual lying by DIANE FARMER/ANATHEA COLLAR AND ARBOR HOSPICE So what does a person do? File a claim with the wage and hour division, of course. Surely this should bring some honesty to the situation.

In the meantime, this person is waiting for the pathological liars,DIANE FARMER AND ANATHEA COLLAR to come around and be honest about paying this person so they can give back their equipment but giving this person no choice but to hang on to it due to the habitual lying about the "last day" business and therefore, their last paycheck.

Wage complaint filed....

O.k...clearly, they lied again and deducted SOMETHING out of the final paycheck which was for 2 weeks with mileage and overtime.....ya think? This is the check "cut" although it was not received by intended recipient. Perhaps it was because it is ILLEGAL to deduct from an employees paycheck without permission....BUT...those rules are for everyone else, not DIANE FARMER AND ANATHEA COLLAR

This check was never sent to the person in question. A copy was obtained after requesting information from the wage and hour division regarding the status of the case. Also, when asking the wage and hour division how they arrive at a decision/ruling in a case, the state worker replied, "we go with what the employer tells us". Wow! What is the point? Sorta similar to the fox watching the hen house, isn't it? Why bother having a wage and hour division in the first place.

Now for the unbelievable part. This person is a middle aged, single parent with a disabled child trying to pay bills like the rest of us and simply wants the paycheck that is due. No traffic ticketS, no criminal record. And what does
Oh yes, they say they tried and couldn't contact this person. But...this person had the same cell phone number (which was under contract) as the above bill until July 30, 2007. Another lie! On top of so many.

DIANE FARMER AND ANATHEA COLLAR even had the audacity to lie on the police report.

NO! *THIS PERSON* Tried to contact THEM...but these attempts were ignored.

Had the heartless duo, DIANE FARMER AND ANATHEA COLLAR, truly tried to contact this person via the cell phone that they KNEW worked and left a message, (You know, the one that was still in service. The same one at the beginning of this web page that is documented that they knew the phone number. It was in service until August of 2007. That proof is available and will eventually be put up.) they would have found out that this person was back and forth up north at the side of a mother who had alzheimers and had recently fallen and was unable to see to any certified mail that was sent.
Arbor Hospice cares....yeah right! What an ugly lie. One among many.
Not to worry, the judge will see all of the documentation and realize what this horrible, uncaring company had put this person through....
Yeah right! Again!
The DISHONORABLE Cedric Simpson (Who executes justice in the same fashion as Alberto Gonzales, John Yoo or/and Michael Mukasey.)... Being the biased judge he is (his wife is a nurse at U of M and friends with Arbor) stated that none of what was documented "mattered" and "it was unimportant"...but he certainly considered Diane Farmer and Anathea Collar's exorbitant lies.
However, DIANE FARMER AND ANATHEA COLLAR of Arbor Hospice got their equipment back. This person even had the equipment gone over by professionals to make sure they couldn't come back and say something was wrong with it. Which would be true to form for these liars.

This person had already been working for this filthy, nest of liars for close to a year at the time of the soon as DIANE FARMER became manager (less than one week, to be exact) the lying incidences took place. Another very nice manager was also let go as soon as the LYING DIANE FARMER returned to work...and who took her place? Well, of course, The LYING DIANE FARMER. It appears the sickening Arbor Hospice rewards lying, back biting and back stabbing.

...And NO, this person was not "allegedly" in need of money. As a matter of fact, this person had $10,000 saved in the bank at the time of this incident. This person simply witnessed their lying, deception, stealing and corruption and decided they were going to stand up for their self.

What did the person who was victimized by all of LIES BY DIANE FARMER AND ANATHEA COLLAR OF ARBOR HOSPICE experience as a result of their lying and corruption?

1)Criminal charges and record
2)Loss of career
3)Unable to find employment as a result of #1
4)Loss of car
5)Loss of house
6)Person and daughter are now homeless

***Update*** This persons mother died from complications from Parkinsons disease. The mothers dying wish was to be taken out of the nursing home and be taken home for this person to take care of her. However, this person couldn't due to the loss of the house...Yeah. Nice people there at Arbor.

And people trust their loved ones to these people....and they claim to be caring. If you knew how your loved ones were spoken about behind their closed doors, you would be appalled.

Check back often. There is more information to be posted.