One Pair of 10 oz. Indian Head and Buffalo .999 Silver Art Bars!



They have never been removed from the original manufacturer's protective mylar covers! Just stored away in a locked vault ever since the VERY day they were received from the mint, all this time!

These sets have not been manufactured in pairs for collectors for many, many years now!

The buffalo bars, you can sometimes find, but they stopped making the Indian Head bars all together years and years ago!

That's why you hardly ever see one, because they are even more rare than the 10 oz. buffalo bars are!

That's why a set like this is ever seen so seldom! This matched set is as rare as they get!

So they will only grow even more quickly in value over time compared to all other collectable 10 ounce art bars!

Because this is the only pair of 10 oz. .999 pure silver premium quality proof-like art bars ever made as a set! And the only "set", that was ever made as a pair!

They are in PERFECT condition and are proof-like in quality! Any scratches that may appear to be there in the picture below, are actually on the outside of the manufacturer's original protective mylar sleeve, still un-removed from them since the day they were minted. There are NO scratches or blemishes on these absolutely pristine proof like art bars at all!

You'll love them!

They are more Detailed, Beautiful and Rare than ANY Premium Quality 10 ounce Art Bar Pair in the entire world!


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Here's a thought for you to consider while you think about buying these!

What if the reason that the COMEX price on silver is falling to what seems like such ridiculously low prices while the investment grade silver bullion price is rising and supplies are falling all at the same time, is merely because The Central Banks of the world and the Commercial Banks that represent them regarding this matter, are doing everything they can right now trying to accelerate the liquidation of the rest of the world's silver bullion reserves, for a purpose!?

Now that the world's last two governments on earth have just sold the very last of their silver reserves, (India and China in Late July), leaving an estimated ADDITIONAL 80 million ounce hole in the supply chain that didn't exist until late this past summer, most people expected the price of silver, the ONLY metal in a true shortfall "by the numbers" on earth, to go up on the COMEX! Makes sense right?!

Well, it would ordinarily make a LOT of sense! But, that would be ignoring the FACT that "someone" was successfully manipulating the price of silver to the downside, for a very long time. It would also be ignoring the fact, that whoever it was, they probably still are and have recently been showing off their ability to in a very big way! And it totally ignores the fact that whoever was doing this, and still is, VERY likely had and STILL has a very good reason for doing it! Otherwise why would they even bother to?

I read somewhere not all that long ago, that every time the price of gold rises by $20.00, and silver by $0.25, that whoever "this mystery shorter" is that was clearing and apparently still is effecting the COMEX spot price to the down-side, looses a billion dollar ever day that those two metals rise in price by just that much! That's right! $1,

A BILLION dollars a day!

Every day that gold went up and silver went up by those amounts, they loose a billion?! WOW! And understanding that these were the longest standing, continuously renewed puts in the history of the COMEX market, and knowing that they were first initiated back in the early to mid 1970's that since then, gold has gone from a low of just offer $250.00 per ounce, and silver had risen from a low of about $4.00 to what they are today, how much money does that mean they cost themselves in total just TRYING to keep the price down?

Well, not considering the fact that it costs a lot of money to continually renew these options, especially over such an extensive period of time, I think we can make it simple and just say, a LOT!

In fact, to put it into perspective, I don't even need to bring out a calculator! Instead, just allow me to point out that all the recent Senate and Congressional deliberation over what a large chunk of change 700 Billion is, (with reading comparisons that there haven't yet been quite a billion minutes past since Jesus walked into Jerusalem), even one billion is quite a large number. But I know I don't even have to do the math, to know that the total cost of keeping these continual options against the rising price of silver and gold combined in place probably competes with the number that Congress just approved as "an emergency bail out plan", and likely cost them even more that that!

So whoever it was, I think it's fair to say they were not "poor people". And in my own studies, have concluded that from the perspective of who HAS that king of money, or even access to it, there are only two possible choices at all! Either China, or, "the banks". And the problem with China is that they may have and still do have the resources, but not the motivation. They simply haven;t the "motive" to the the one's that are responsible for this. And proved so late this summer, by joining India in being the last two governments in the world to sell the rest of their silver off! So it IS a little odd when you think about it. I mean, it was almost immediately after India and China sold off their governments share of what back in just 1971, was estimated to be a world wide stockpile of about 87 Billion ounces of silver that the price of silver was almost immediately cut in half! Even though the world wide supply of this much needed metal for everything from computers to ipods to cell phone by the end of fiscal 2005, had fallen to nothing more than 512 million ounces that was left under the control of then just three world governments after the U.S. finished selling our hoard of silver bullion and reserves off in 2003, and it was Russia then that has a little over a hundred million ounces left as a part of that half billion ounce world wide government hoard!

But any way you look at it, one thing it certain... Now that we have become "an electronic and gadget oriented world", we are using up all of the world's once great reserves of silver, the one commodity that makes everything, and I mean literally everything that is electronic. even possible to ever exist! So my question is this... Since SOMEONE  has obviously felt that they have something to gain by having the world run out of silver, and it's not China we now know for sure or they wouldn't have sold the very last of what that government had, and it certainly isn't industry that makes all these things, or our governments that uses and quite frankly needs them too, then if it's not the banks that were and still are "shorting silver" more than gold as evidenced by THAT precious metal still existing in as large of quantities as it ever did, then who could it be? And the answer seems clear.

No One!

So for the moment, lets just assume it was and is "the banks" as almost everyone has been saying for years and years now anyhow, what FINALLY, just a month or so ago was confirmed because the size of the August Silver Futures sales were SO large that it actually kicked in BANKING industry regulations requiring them to notify the federal government that it WAS them doing the selling! THIS was monumental news at the time! Never before had the CFTC EVER been willing to divulge the identity of these "mysterious mega-shorts" before. And now, suddenly, the whole world cold know what only the speculators had always assume to be true for so long. Because then, we were actually told that it was two commercial banks. But at the time, nothing more!

So now, we are finally getting somewhere! Now, we can finally start to try to understand what it is about  silver, that would make the banks want to keep it's "price" SO low for so long, such that they would even be willing to spend an amount of money over thirty plus years, equal to or greater than the amount that they have just been granted by Congress in order to save their entire industry! And all to keep silver's price low! Isn;t that odd?

Not really.

But to answer the question of why, one first needs to understand the connection between banking, and silver!

Silver used to be our money. All over the world! Until just about two generation ago. (If you consider a generation now too be only 22 years that is). Which is interesting because if you check your history facts, you will find out that no fiat currency system has EVER lasted for more than two generations, without destroying the entire economy that it served! Never! Not even for the Roman Empire. And they tried it twice!

And when it was our money, silver, or silver and gold, even after we started using "paper currency", silver was still the primary precious metal that was used to pay off anyone that wanted to "settle that debt". The very "debt" that these paper notes represented! Because the paper currency used to be nothing but a promise to pay the debt, in silver!. The paper money was never until about two generations ago, nothing but a promise for that payment, NOT the payment itself! That required silver! And understanding that helps us to understand why the word for silver, and the word for "money" are still the very same word in over 50 languages around the world today!

But what you have to remember, is that in a fractional reserve banking system which allows the banks to loan out a thousand dollars for every one hundred dollar bill printed up, because the other nine are "created digitally", could NEVER even exist if every dollar had to be backed by silver, or even silver and gold! With silver being the most important of the two, because most people, the people that mostly use the "paper currency", never would have enough of them to ever add up to demand payment in gold! And even if they did, in order to spend it on the things that they needed, they would STILL have to change that gold, back down into silver to buy the smaller things needed to survive day to day!

And that's as true in a "hypothetical" or who knows?... maybe (but I doubt it), futuristic modern day non-fiat banking and currency system, as it ever was in any past real one!

Hence, in a very real way,. Silver IS the one true enemy of the banking system today! Because as long as we are willing to NOT expect each "note" that we use, save, own and carry, save and buy with, to be guaranteed, or "backed by" silver, the people that actually own the banking system, more importantly the privately held CENTRAL banks of the world, can continue to make interest money on a thousand dollars for every one hundred dollar they print! Something that can not be done at all if you have a "non-fiat" currency system, or one backed by silver! Or silver and gold! And that's not just for the first year. That forever they get to keep making interest on a thousand dollars for every $100 they print up!

So let's get back to how much silver is left, and what's been happening to the silver in our world over the last forty years, and it's price, now that we understand that:

a.) Silver has ALWAYS been money throughout history in all parts of the world, and only recently has paper money replaced it even for this long!

b.)Because the Central Banks have successfully gotten us to accept "paper money" as the total value, (paper and ink), of our currency for nearly as long as it has EVER lasted, things are starting to look a little "shaky" for all economies right now.

c.) Down to the month, and maybe even the very week and day that the very last government on the face of the earth sold out down to the very last ounce of their silver wealth, two "commercial banks" suddenly executed the sale of 11 times more "paper" silver, and 5 times more "paper" gold, than has ever been sold  in the entire history of the financial and commodities markets in an entire month before! Which almost immediately resulted in a reduction of the "paper price" of silver for sale to industry only on the COMEX! and

d.) Because they did this after close to thirty years of doing the same thing carefully and slowly while spending hundreds of billions of dollars to do it over the last thirty years, during a time in which we witnessed the birth of the computer generation and "all things electronic", things that don't just USE silver, but that forever uses it up!

Further exacerbating an already strained supply-demand relationship, where suddenly it seems that whatever silver IS left and being stored in the COMEX warehouses, is "priced to move" MUCH more quickly now than it has ever been relative to the times and it's use in industry ever in the past! And because of the rising interest in Silver as an investment, is also a time in which you could use up all of a year's silver mining production world-wide and then some, with JUST the investment demand for it now alone! Or the industrial demand alone could use up all of it and then some, take your pick!

But DON'T try to supply both today's investment demand AND industrial demand at the same time, or else the remaining balance of what IS in stock at the COMEX, will soon be completely gone, causing the entire system to default! Which maybe isn't such a ridiculous notion when one remember that as of LAST month, the COMEX warehouses according to their own statements,  has only enough physical inventory of 1,000 ounce bars on hand to satisfy just 14% of the futures contacts in existence on them!

And these numeric relationships describing the supply and demand scenario for silver right now, don't even take into consideration silverware and jewelry, the other two really big "uses" for silver. Let alone the entire photographic industry that can't print a single photograph without it! So we're starting to get an idea of why the Banks MAY in fact have a good reason for throwing all of those hundreds of billions of dollars at keeping the price of silver, (and gold too), down for so long. Because stop and think for just one moment, what have they accomplished?!

They have depressed the price of silver in particular, but for gold too, so that the mining industry,. and the refiners, have no desire to expand their operation ahead of time to produce more of either one, by virtue of making it a loosing financial proposition for the to even try it! Thereby, guaranteeing that since there won't one day very soon be enough silver to use for all the things we can't even imagine giving up in the world, al the things that are "modern" all the things that MUST have silver to make them, like cars, and computers, and electric grids, they now have the perfect excuse to NEVER have to go back to a "non-fiat" currency, backed by silver ever again!

And THAT means they can go on forever earning interest on a thousand dollars for every one hundred that they print! Remember? Something that they CAN'T do if they are forced to go back to a non-fiat currency system, just like has ALWAYS happened right about now, after two generations, (because of economic collapse), every other time it has ever been tried in the history of man! And even better still, because of the power they have been giving, no matter WHAT Article One, Section Ten of the U.S. Constitution might say, THEY get to say how many new notes a year, they will print!

But how did they get to this point? Well, I'll leave the "in depth research" up to you, and just tell you that if you "Google" a search for "the monster of Jeckyll Island", you will find all the gory, horrific details. But what is important to add that is much closer to today's time line, is how they ever started to manipulate the price to begin with! And it was as simple as turning something that they used to consider "a dead asset", the silver and gold in their vaults, into anything it, by leasing it out!

Before forty some years ago, the supply side of the equation was made up for many years only by the mining industry throughout all of time up until as recently as the 1800's and early 1900's, while there was still a LOT of silver left to be found. The world had all it needed, and needed no more than the mines themselves could supply, especially once silver was discovered in the American Southwest and Mexico and Peru.

And for a while, well, a very LONG while, got about five thousand years until 1965, the silver mining industry did all they could to produce all they could find. Because the world's governments needed money to expand! And it didn't matter if it was The U.S. Government, the British Hegemony before it, or even the Roman Empire two thousand years ago! Silver was money, and for an economy OR Empire to expand, you needed to have the money supply grow along with the economy. Instead of as it seems today they expect the converse of only to be true. Even though it never is. Causing instead the inflation that makes some mean wealthy, and other men poor.

But by the time the mines in the American Southwest in particular started to become "tapped out", (yes that is really where that expression came from), after 1964, and what really didn't start because it didn't need to until then, until the mid 1970's, the silver mining industry was provided with a disincentive to find any more silver, and were encouraged to leave production levels right were they were! By the BANKS!

Through leasing! When I mentioned "leasing a dead asset", this is what I meant! This was the "disincentive" for them to produce no more that the mines ever produced, no matter how large our economy became. Or was ever going to!

Because In addition to removing the silver from out coins, something that any other culture in the history of mankind would use another set of words for: "Debasing our currency", the Banks also gave the mines one more reason to not mine any more! Because they no longer had to! Because for a reasonable fee, of course, they could "lease the bank's" silver from them, and pay it back later with their own when they could!

And the mines fell for it hook, line and sinker, never realizing how much it would be like crack cocaine to a brother on the street today. Once you start relying on that silver from the banks to meet your contractual obligations, it's actually very easy to never get caught up with paying it all back ever again! Hence, just one small part of how and why the COMEX warehouses ever reached a level of a mere 14% of the silver in them that they are supposed to have!

So this is how it all started, giving the banks more and more control by the year. And it took hundreds of billions of dollars, and several decades to do. but for the first time man's history, because they managed to get the entire silver mining industry to "slack off" for as long as they have, (in terms of not being able to meet current demand in whatever form it is), now almost all the world's silver is gone. Or at least scarily close to it! Remember, it hasn't been but forty years ago, and we had close to 90 billion ounces world wide. Now it's five times more rare than gold, and hardly anyone knows it!

And now, almost everyone in the "business of investing in silver", knows that "the banks", have been leasing their silver out at ever DE-creasing lease rates to make up the supply that the miners can't produce to meet demand at such low prices for SUCH a long time, that they just might not want there to be ANY chance of ANY nation returning to a "NON-Fiat" currency backed by silver and gold ever again? Did you ever think of that possibility? We think you should!

Think about it for a moment.. THAT, is the only expiation that seems to fit everything we have seen recently. From the long term suppression of the price of silver especially when compared to all other precious metals over the last almost 30 years, to the recent slow run up as the U.S. finished selling off it's stockpiles of nearly 10 billion ounces in coin and bullion, to what if it wasn't;t manipulation[ during the months of the steadily falling dollar's value against all other, still did the trick when that made it worth while to own silver as an investment for the first six years of the recent and current bull market we are in, to the sudden and seemingly unexplainable "half price sale" going on now. All at a time that because occurred until after the very last world governments had completely sold off the last of their silver wealth, only THEN is there the largest"attack" of silver, (and gold too!), in a single month, week in fact, that has ever been known to occur in the history of precious metals!

Why would two (until recently), unknown commercial banks have such an interest in driving down the price of silver of all things? Do they really own that many other manufacturing businesses that depend on silver for their production? It's true that nothing besides oil is made into or is a necessary ingredient or raw material in so many things in our modern world as silver is, but it still doesn't;t make sense, because "banks" in general, are in the banking business! Sure, they may have customers that banks with them, that need and use silver, there are literally thousands of them, and hundreds more every year that need some small quantity of silver in the manufacture of their products. But that doesn't;t explain why ANY bank would want to see silver's price rise from $4 per ounce and go all the way past $21, only to be cut back to beneath $10 per ounce! So what does?

That would mean once they have sold off their silver into the already under supplied industrial demand, industry will start to drive silver to the moon right? Think about it! It also would explain why the options in August whether intentionally designed and intended to manipulate silver's price lower or not, may have done the Central Banks of the world a great big favor, because they can not operate a fractional reserve banking system making a minimum of $20-30 in interest every year, year after year, at current interest rates if they are not allowed to print money out of thin air!

YOU can't slap a twenty dollar bill on a copy machine and press "go" without being arrested and jailed forever for it. But they sure can, and do! And THAT is what allows them to remove the wealth of "the people" from our pockets and transfer it over and over again onto their balance sheets under their asset column! Your loss, is, has always been, and always will be their gain! UNTIL you have enough investment silver, on the day that they have sold THEIR very last ounce! THAT is the REAL "zero inventory day"! And sadly, when THAT happens, "We the People" will never again have any other chance to EVER again go back to a constitutional currency! Not even a paper one BACKED by silver and gold! And they, the Central Banks of the world, will never be threatened with the possibility that they might have to back their paper currency with silver and gold again either!

Gee! And everyone seems to be so confused about how there could be such a shortage of investment silver at the same time that the COMEX silver price is falling through the floor! Well, ask yourself  this... If YOU had "a gig" THAT good, would YOU want to give it up forever, or stand any risk of loosing that at all forever, just so you could make a nice tidy profit for a year or so on a "commodity" that you did little more than buy and hold for a while?

Or would you be willing to to cut the price of YOUR silver in half just as soon as you managed to sucker all the governments of the world into selling off every last ounce of their wealth in silver bullion that THEY ever had first, that just happens to be THE singular most necessary metal for modern day existence in the world, and already more than five times as rare as gold! As odd as it sounds, I think that's EXACTLY what you would want to do! And here's why!...

If you were one of the owners of the world's Central Banks, how would YOU vote? Wouldn't you vote to increase the lease rates on your silver as a disincentive for all or your industrial customers that are users of silver in a thousand different manufacturing industries, to suddenly stop leasing your silver after 30 years of bring "trained" to do just that, and instead start buying it all up just as fast as they possibly can right away while you have it marked down on a "half price sale", just to make sure that there won't be enough silver left anywhere in the world in any quantities large enough to do anything with BUT just barely supply those industries for a few more years? All just so that you know it will be another 20 years minimum before the mining industry that you have been suppressing for the last 30 years could ever be "ramped up enough" so as to ever be able to even come close to meeting those industry's needs? Let alone threaten "your profitable little gig" of printing money out of thin air, and then making interest on in year after year after year by having enough to use some of it as "real money" again?

Especially since there is only a maximum of about a 15 year supply of silver that is estimated to be left in the ground to mine at all anyhow, I think you would WANT the silver to be all used up just as quickly as possible now that all of the governments of the world don't have any of their own silver bullion left to use as a non-fiat currency or "currency reserves" themselves. because now is the time to "strike while the iron is hot"!  Right after the last two nation's on earth just sold off the very last of what silver they had!

And knowing that technology will likely soon be able to find some substitute for silver in electronics anyhow, maybe even gold itself for electronics if need be, do you really care if they have to? NO of course not! All you care about is your right to go on printing money out of thin air, and then make more money on that money in interest by making loans! And ANYTHING that might ever threaten that plan, is your enemy! Even if it's a shiny white piece of metal and nothing more!

Because you own a bank remember!? Not a radio shop or a computer manufacturing company, or even an airline or a mine or a refinery! But a bank! And THE bank at that! The bank that gets to spend just 58 cents on making one single $100 bill, and then because printing presses can accommodate what the current law allows, (for your industry, the FED Banking System, to loan out a thousand dollars for every hundred that you have), you can collect interest on a thousand by printing up nine more! Or creating them digitally on a computer, easier still!

And at today's overnight FED rate of 2-1/2 percent, that means that you get to earn $25 in interest year after year, every year, forever, for every single $100 bill that you originally were authorized to print! And better still, you are the one that gets to decide home many of them get printed to begin with! And all you have to do is come up with ANY "Fed-speak" mumbo-jumbo that even half way sounds good as an excuse or reason why you need to or why you should, and you get to print up a few thousand, or even a few million, or even a billion more in cash each year year! So why would you EVER allow ANYTHING to jeopardize THAT?!

YOU WOULDN'T! Period! You wouldn't trade that guarantee for diamonds and gold, so you sure wouldn't trade it away for silver! It doesn't matter HOW much you might have been able to make slowly riding your maybe one and a half percent of all assets that you own or control that just happen to be called "silver" in one form or another, even if silver was about to take a ride to the moon and back, and then to Saturn too! You STILL would rather have what you already have going on than own all the silver in the universe! Especially since you are actually better off, if silver never even existed!

And pardon me, but am I the ONLY one that seems to have noticed? This "creating of money out of thin air", can NOT be done with "Silver and Gold" as money!? And "fractional banking" can't be done with a currency that is bound by a constitutional that says currency must be silver and gold? Or at very least, madatorily backing it, each and every one?!

Because you can't "make" silver and gold. on a printing press!  Uh.. Maybe THAT'S got something to do with why they are selling it as fast as they can into the one industry that doesn't just "use it", it uses it up! And by reducing it's price as low as you possibly can for a while to make sure that they do just that, is a pretty good way to convince them to speed up the process isn't it?!

And another thing,.. where does everyone think the term "tapped out" came from anyhow? From the silver mining industry of course! Unlike gold mines that because of how they are formed, actually get richer in their deposits the further down you go, silver is found ONLY near earth's surface! And that is why we have not JUST reached what is commonly called "peak oil", but have already reached "peak silver" too!

More and more silver mines the world over are becoming "tapped out" every year!  Even Mexico and Peru's output is now beginning to fall, just 50 years after the U.S. and Canada's silver output fell from our two nations mining industry, which back then occupied the highest silver production positions on the scale worldwide instead of these two Nations now! Now the U.S. and Canada are about half way down the list in the order of who mines the most silver each year, placing us now on the silver production chain WAY down the list  behind Russia and China too! In fact, there is so little silver left in so many of the world's previously greatest silver mines that there ever was, that they are almost all now, officially "tapped out"!

So it's not longer advantageous to even go after a lot of that silver anymore, unlike the gold in the gold mines in S. Africa that are still producing gold economically enough to go after it, thousands of years after it was first discovered there! In SO many silver mines that USED to be the world's largest and most productive,   it's not at all "cost effective" any more to continue mining them at those locations anymore! Not at the current "spot price" for industrially consumed silver anyhow!

NOT YET Anyhow!

But what will happen after we literally burn up the very last of earth's  remaining silver bullion, that we as "the human race", have been "living off of", (depleting),  for more than 40 years, now that it is ALMOST all but totally gone? The governments of the world USED to own a majority share of the word's "strategic silver", in massive reserves that were stored away as a part of each nation's national wealth! But not any more!

The U.S. alone used to own a 2.5 Billion ounce Strategic Reserve in bullion form. and then another 7.5 Billion ounces in 90% silver coins! That a total 10 Billion ounces that the U.S. Government alone used to have! But now, that silver is GONE! Every single ounce of it all sold and used up by industry, with some of it now in the hands of individual collectors and investors, like you and me! Sure, some of it DOES still exist, but most of it has long since been forever fragmented into billions of pieces way too tiny to ever even contemplate trying to recover, on a quadrillion pounds of circuit boards and electronic chips now forever buried in our landfills all over the world!

In 1973, our government starting selling off our remaining balance of "strategic reserve silver" after they removed it from our silver coinage back in 1965, before they could even finish melting down the balance of the silver coins they took back in! And then soon, the world followed us and did the same thing too! Just the way they always seem to do! Monkey-see. monkey-do! Actually, it wasn't in modern times even our idea at first! The Germans started to debase their silver coinage long before we did, and great Britain too! And it was Canada that was actually one of the last countries to maintain such a high yield of pure silver for so long in their coinage, for length of time that it used real silver as money! Actually using a higher grade silver than we ever did for about a hundred years! They used "sterling silver" instead of our 90% silver as money, at 92.5% pure, 2.5% more pure than our silver money ever was!

But back in 1973, there was STILL an estimated 87 billion ounces of silver bullion in one form or another, left remaining above ground in the world! However, by 2003, our government had sold off the very last of it's silver hoards, both it's coins and it's "strategic reserve" stockpile, and by the end of 2005, only Russia, China, and India owned any at all! And that total amount for ALL the world's governments' wealth in silver came to only just a little over a paltry, half a billion ounces. AND THAT'S IT! In just 32 years, our modern day electronics era, had consumed and used up forever, an estimated 85 billion ounces! Now gone forever!

Because we are now an electronics and "gadget" race we humans are, with literally everything being electronic or else it seems to have no value to our culture anymore, (what ever happened to those red and blue wood painted building blocks as toys for little boys any how? Now it's just Nintendo's and "Guitar Hero", and all things that use up silver on literally billions of pounds of circuit boards every year!),..  and last September, Russia sold off the very last of it's remaining stockpile of silver, leaving then only India and China with by my estimates, no more than 48 million ounces between the two of them even to start off 2008 with!

Which at the recent estimated rate of just over 80 million ounces per year sold into the deficit on the supply side of the supply and demand equation by all nations' governments of the world each year, means they HAD to run out completely, even if they "stretched" that supply out as far as they could make it last, something a little easier in an economic downturn because physical consumption of silver DOES slow down to a certain degree when the economy does, at the latest, just about in late July, or early August 2008!

Funny isn't it? That the entire global banking system waited until then to literally fall apart at the seams, right after that! How odd is that!? That even though real interest rates were falling during this entire time, industrial silver leasing rates around the world which are set by the Central Banks working closely with commercial and bullion banks, ALMOST IMMEDIATELY AFTER China and India sold off the very last of their silver reserves, shot up well above zero for the first time in years! When most of those silver lease rates for the last two years, had all fallen to beneath a zero interest rate level and stayed there!

And soon afterward and every since then, "SOMEONE" seems to be trying to convince us all that it is "perfectly normal" for the price of ALL assets to drop by 50-75% in this "recession" we have going on right now, in both commodities and equities alike because of some bad loans made by the banks, and a whole lot of finger-pointing going on about "who's really to blame" for it! But if you think about it, with the exception of the banking sector stocks, nothing besides real estate really even started to collapse the way it did in August and September of 2008 until AFTER the price of silver had miraculously been cut in half!

But by who would intentionally try to do such a thing? And why?!

Hey! Call me crazy, but I think the Central Banks of the world, and not just "any two commercial banks", were very likely not only the ones selling those MEGA-Puts against the price of gold and silver back in August that tripped all those "black box algorithms" and stop loss limits causing gold and especially silver to plummet so drastically, then platinum and then palladium, and even to an extent gold too!.. But I think is sure looks like it was also the Central Banks of the world, (and likely the Central Banks of this country even), that were probably the ones standing ready "on the opposite side" to be the purchasers of the largest and most damaging instant transactions that the financial world has ever known in the history of commodities and futures trading to the entire market system! Gee! If that's the case, then it's no wonder the CFTC can't come up with a "guilty verdict" against anyone for the "manipulation of the silver market" theory!! Because THAT, would be just like trying to fire your own boss! It simply can't be done!

But the good news is that if you own high quality investment silver in the form of collectable art bars and rounds especially, and the higher quality the better because they will be the very LAST silver "to last", and therefore always reach the highest value in the long run, there is much more than just hope for those with faith! (Uh... and silver!)

There is actually promise too!

If this IS what has really happened to our wealth, to our REAL money as Ron Paul would say, then now we have only to buy and hold onto what high quality silver we can find and afford, wait until the banks sell off the very last of what now only they own and control, and then industry will push the price so high on our silver, that it really WILL likely "shoot strait to the moon"! Maybe higher than the price of gold itself even! Simply because they will have no choice!

That, and because there is so little silver "per unit of production" for most industrial applications, like circuit boards, electronic chips, processors and even copy paper and medical supplies, that they won't even hardly notice let alone care! That is why silver is referred to in an "industrial sense", as being the one metal that is "price inelastic". Meaning that no matter HOW expensive it gets, because they use so very little of it in each of SO many products, they will pay for it no matter what the cost!

Sadly, because the banks have repressed the motive, profit, (no duh!), for the miners to keep up with industrial demand over the last 30 years. They did this by leasing it to them to make up for any shortfall in their production schedules as they constantly fell behind instead of loan them money to produce more silver! Until recently even at LESS THAN ZERO percent interest rates! (Yes, meaning they paid their mining industrial customers and the refiners too, to "borrow" their silver from them for years.)

And since they have gotten this far along with this plan to help guarantee that they will forever be able to continue their fiat based "ponzy-scheme" of loaning out a thousand dollars for every one hundred the FED is authorizing themselves to print and then collect interest on that "inflated currency" overnight Bank to Bank without ever paying a cent's worth of taxes on it, they probably WILL get away with their main objective! Because unless Congress and Senate wake up right now, and start recognizing article one section ten of the U.S. Constitution, we WILL likely remain the "pseudo-slaves" to their "uber-rich" money-mongering schemes for us and this world forever! Because after there is no longer enough silver anywhere on earth to ever go back to a "non-fiat" currency, there will be nothing left to stop them!

Because any form of currency must not only be portable, easily divisible, a store of wealth, and easily transferable, this is still missing one crucial element! It must also be trustable! As in have the full faith of the people that use it! This has recently been of a very real concern among many analysts. But this one key factor becomes MUCH more crucial when you recognize one fact! That without EXTREME hyperinflation, even if we were to return to a "gold only standard" for our currency, like Roosevelt tried to initiate, and did for a while, if you restore gold's value and "re-monetize it", or "revalue it" to represent all the U.S. Paper currency in circulation in the world, that new value for gold alone would be right now approaching $85,000 to $100,000 per ounce, by way of using "simple math" and dividing our nation's gold reserves by the total estimated currency in circulation that need to be backed!

In fact, if you had to make an "adjustment in the value of the price of gold", for JUST the amount of extra "cash" that was "printed up" and loaned out whether actually IN paper form, or just digitally, during the very first week that the FED opened up it's "discount window" to insurance companies and investment banking firms, (whether near dead or not), die to the rate of this "newly created money", (debt in the case of an all "fiat" system), the price of gold would have shot up by over $5,000 per ounce! Not TO $5,000, but BY $5,000!

Because for that one week alone, through that now :open to anyone" (almost), "window of opportunity, these firms "borrowed into existence, 188 billion dollars a day for the first seven days following Sept 17. 2008! That's more than 1.3 TRILLION dollars! FAR more than Congress even approved later on at only $700 billion! AND, the loaned out the same amount the week afterward through that some still open program today!

Now that may "sound like "a lot of money", and I've heard all hinds of ways to "picture how much that is by people explaining that a single billion, is the number of minutes since Jesus walked the earth, Or the distance that light takes to travel in a hundred and some years. But I think that to make this clear, it's perhaps best to use "a picture".

They say that a picture can be worth "a thousand words", so for one moment, contemplate the following picture, which merely shows at the very end of the graph all the way near the right hand edge, the amount of new money that the FED literally THREW into our economy during JUST that one first week after it's new "we'll now loan to anyone" policy began in mid-September, and then "We the People" started to become ultimately responsible to pay back all that "new money" loaned out in just that first week alone!

But realize that the change that you see at the very tail end of the line on that graph, compares to and represents JUST that FIRST 1.3 trillion in new money created and loaned out during JUST during that first one week alone after Mr. Bernanke and Mr. Paulson got together and decided that it would best to do just this on our behalf! Remember, this vertical "tail end" on this graph shows JUST what was loaned out in the FIRST week alone after the FED started to pass these funds to "troubled financial institutions" starting Sept. 15th, a day that REALLY WILL go down in infamy! And understanding THAT will make it a lot easier for you to compare THAT "new money growth", (or our future debt in other words), just how big number like "billions and trillions" really are! This graph represent the amount of "new money created" over the last one hundred years...

Oct082008-Monetary Base.jpg (34103 bytes)

Gee! Do you suppose they might even eventually place a gray shaded bar over where we are NOW on this graph?

But remember, if you want to look up a current version of this same graph now, you can actually see that the very next week, and the following one too, through that very same "discount window", they loaned out another 188 billion dollars more for the NEXT seven days in a row!  And then the next seven too! And by now, you can see that the height of that vertical tail end of that line has now MORE than DOUBLED in height!! It's tripled at the time I am finishing this, as just two more weeks of data has just been added all at once!

Oct222008-Monetary-Base.jpg (27590 bytes)

Yea... I think that looks pretty inflationary to me!

But wait! Something else has changed too! It appears as though it's no longer even possible to GET a graph showing the U.S. monetary base all the way back to 1920 anymore!  Maybe they thought it was bad enough as it was? So bad that the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis decided that they shouldn't even allow us to be able to see what it was any longer ago than this, as this is as far back as you can go now?

, That's too bad, because I REALLY wanted to show you a comparison of this chart's data when modified into a different format, and how the lead up to our present point in time, (in terms of monetary base expansion), compared to the years between 1973 and 1979 if charted with each period's monetary base represented as a change in percentage from the previous year instead of what you see above, looks eeeerily familiar! The one above, a simple dual axis chart showing the growth of monetary base, As opposed to the other way of looking at it, represented as a percentage change from the prior year, 

I should have saved a copy of it nine days ago when had the chance! When I last had it and was stunned at how close the percentage changes really were! I should have saved it then! Understanding that our economy today is larger than it was in 1979, and that to look at it in terms of the change in percentage from the prior year's monetary base is really the only real right way to look for an overriding correlation to learn anything from. And although I can't show you anymore thanks to the limitations on these graph JUST recently imposed, (gee, isn't THAT a coincidence!), you can believe me, the correlation was there! And it was stunning!

It was a great way to easily "see" and understand how similar these two expansionists periods, (monetarily), were to one another. And just how much the percentage increase in monetary base from the year before, then almost exactly correlated to how much it had changed from a year ago now! Of course up until until a couple weeks ago prior to when they apparently removed the capability to even see this similarity between these years and those. With the scary part being what's been happening every since! They are continuing it at the sake pace!

That was almost 28 years to the day prior to the beginning of this precious metals bull market and the beginning of that one, and the end of that one looking forward 28 years to where we are in this one so far. And that chart showed the amazing correlation between the expansion of monetary base in terms of percentage over the previous year then, and of course allowed you more easily to remember and associate that monetary base OVER-expansion  with what we all know now, was the forthcoming inflationary period that followed! And to compare that with the monetary base expansion that has recently been thrust upon us now, and what we have every reason to understand clearly now that we know it has already at least tripled in the last two weeks since then as shown in the second chart above, to result in the the hyperinflation that is almost certain now to follow next! Because if it doesn't, it will be the first time ever, that things worked out any differently!

Of course I suppose that besides the obvious difference of how they are handling each of these evens being SO dramatically DIS-similar, may indeed mean a different outcome. But that's what we need to be so worried about and exactly what I'm trying to say here in addition to what is the only way to protect yourself from the macroeconomic actions of these whaco-macro-economist boobs! Because back then, they stopped the monetary expansion, and raised interest rates, and it worked within a year and a half to two years later pretty much coast to coast!

But this time, they have already tripled or quadrupled the monetary base expansion inside the time frame of a single month by comparison to then abruptly remunerating it as Paul was even taking Nancy's advice, and "Just Saying No" to printing more money that he recognized in part, WAS the problem! And in spite of history showing that was the right thing to do, now they have lowered the interest rates as they have accelerated monetary expansion, instead of having "Captain Braveheart", AKA: Paul Volker, do the most shocking and unthinkable thing in the world at the time, that history now shows just happen to have worked and at least shortened the duration of our pain!

Which makes me wonder... Have I lost my mind and am I REALLY temporarily incarcerated in the Coo-Coo's nest? Or am I really and truly at the circus now, and the ring-master is out sick, and the clowns really ARE running the show?

When you understand the success of the Reagan Administration's decision to allow Mr. Volker to do the what everyone seemed to think at the time was going to be "the kiss of death", when it was exactly the medicine that was needed, and compare it to what they are doing now maybe it's not such a crazy idea to wonder if they are trying to intentionally ruin the dollar!? Even if the ship "goes down with the captain" this time. And no, I did NOT get that backward! Point being, once again, learn to look at what this accomplishes. Naturally, only if it works...

Especially since the chart I wanted to show you provided an almost exacting correlation, as of the end of the FIRST week of the monetary base expansion that started in late September with the opening of the "Discount Window" to any insurance company and investment bank that could so much as crawl let alone walk! As standing on it's own two feet wasn't then, and isn't a requirement now! They are loaning out CHEAP CHEAP money to just about anyone, except those that deserve it, you and I! But the thing to remember, is that in a all-fiat, fractional reserve currency and banking system, loaning money, when done by the FED and the U.S. Treasury, is creating money! So they're not just loaning money, they are creating it and shoving it into the overall economy faster than ever in the history of out Nation, and the world!

And remember, the loaning of money through that window, money that is now permanently and forevermore counted as and considered to be a part of the monetary base! An expansion explicitly because of the fact that they don't expect it to EVER be coming back, in spite of the fact that it is  "supposedly", a loan!

Don't forget for one second, that "The Discount Window", used to be referred to as "The Overnight Window", where "overnight loans" were made from bank to bank. As in from the Federal Reserve banks, to the Commercial Banks. But they've decided now, that to loan ONLY to commercial Banks, won't be able to pump into the economy fast enough to produce the hyperinflation that they are guaranteeing to occur, but that it's hard for individual OR professional investor to recognize right now because of the fact that for JUST now, they are cutting the price of ALL precious metals, and oil in half and beyond, so as to disguise what they are doing quite intentionally! Setting up a tomorrow where everything will cost ten times as much as it did one year ago today! And the ONLY reason that this "temporary discount" hasn't fully revealed itself in the price of gold is because the Russians and Chinese are buying all they can because those two Nations are in a race to try to win the hearts and mind, and more importantly the trust of the entire world, as both Nations are fighting to buy all the gold they can so that they can TRY to back those currencies with it alone, a feat VERY difficult to accomplish in and of itself, and become the world's next "reserve currency" after the US$ completely fails! Something that THEY know is going to happen, OUR government knows is going to happen!

But no one is saying so out load at the high levels of any world government because they are ALL "jockeying" to spend all of the US Dollars they have built up, slowly and steadily, on Gold to try to prevent a total loss of their wealth in built up reserves of greenbacks, trying to avoid a world-wide stampede OUT of the U.S. Dollar all at once! But soon enough, the only valuable US Dollars, are going to be Rare Collectable Notes. As we are likely now, no more than a few years away before the U.S. public itself will be demanding our new President and his administration to switch to ANY plausible alternative, which will likely be what you can research on You Tube and Google for yourself, "The Amero". Because all faith will falter in the US$, as that is a given. Just as surely as eventual hyperinflation is a given, when you create an influx of money into the system the likes of what you see represented on the charts above!

As you can from those charts, this connotation of am "Overnight Discount Window", is simply no longer an accurate moniker for the delivery method. Even the FED is already considering it a permanent injection of all that NEW money into an already collapsing currency system, So it's no wonder it's now known as simply "the discount window". For one, it's discounted so low, that the recipients don't ever even expect to have to pay it back! And why would they ever even think of bothering to try to pat it back, since it's being loaned to them at only 1.5% now anyway?

That's SO close to the Japanese Central Bank rate of just one half of one percent now already, that it's not really even a loan at all anymore! And the fact that even the FED considers it to be a permanent injection of capital into the system as proven by the charts above, tells us pretty much in terms that any amateur economist can understand by looking at these charts, that they really DON'T expect to ever receive it back! And it tells "We the people", that WE should never expect to see it again get paid back again either! Except of course five years from now when they convert it into "Ameros", and are then loaning us that same money with huge closing costs, and making us pay a much higher interest rates on it, when the money came quite literally from us to begin with! Or, depending on how you look at it, from out great, great, great, great grandchildren's' children! If then!

The mid to the late 1970's were another period of time where the monetary base was exploded by the very same or similar amount, but was different in as much as the added monetary base then, took several years to inject into the system. But now, even before Congress approved it, they were already using "this window" to inject all THAT SAME amount of new money into out ststem through the banks, the insurance companiues, and investment banks, all in the matter of a single week!

But by the second chart above, as you can see for yourself, it has already continued on to three times that level, in just three weeks! And it's still going on today! It only STARTED on September 17th! And the highly "bally-hooed" coverage of the $700 billion bail out plan, and it's approval by Congress, was nothing but "window dressing" to draw attention away from the fact that the banks that controll all of this anyhow, The FED Banks, now assisted by the proior head of one of the world's largest investment banks, Hank Paulson from Merryl Lunch, were already going ahead with this unprecedented alteration of our economic landscape forever WITHOUT ANY authorization from Congress OR Senate, as they began to pass out over 1.3 TRILLION in new'y created monetary base, every seven days! Each week almost TWICE what the publicly talked about TOTAL "bail out package" was supposed to cost in it's entirety, in just the first week alone!

Now do you remember what the late 1970's period of monetary inflation did to the price of everything starting in early 1979 and into the early 80's? Do you remember how the price of gas shot from fifty cents a gallon to over $3 then? Well just try to imagine what even just THREE times that amount of monetary injection is going to do the the price of everything soon enough, when it all uncoils THIS time!

And THEN remember what it did for the price of silver back then, just before their manipulation schemes started to really be implemented to bring silver's (and gold's) price back down for as long as they could, when they LONG ago saw this opportunity coming right now and began to plan for it! All of it clearly understood by them, represented an opportunity to "kill two birds with one stone". To help to hyperinflate our government's debt away, and to forever earn the right to never again be "threatened" by the possibility of having "We the People" ever be able to demand that they stop what they have been doing! Because VERY soon we will no longer have any choice in the matter! Because when the silver is gone and the COMEX has been crushed by them, for them, so is any chance to ever again, have "real money"!

Their manipulative efforts have actually been stepped up every year since that time, and only were only recently forever "trumped" by the TOTALLY unprecedented, almost "grandiose" and blatant manipulative transactions that they pulled off in August! And the post selling of those contracts that now, even as I write this, are STILL going on as the "institutions" that those two banks sold all those contracts to then, are now reselling them, and will continue to do probably right through the election. Until every single one of those contracts are passed on to industry, where 9 out of 10 of them will be eventually forced to settle for cash instead, as the COMEX "paper market" is forced to fold, and it becomes an "All Physical " market from then on out!

Remember, they are right now, approaching the point of having only one bar in the COMEX wharehouses, for every ten bars that are committed under those contracts! And the fact that the CFTC until recently has ALWAYS repeatedly refused to even admit they these "mystery shorters" were even banks at all, tells you that the government knew about this manipulation all along! And the fact that now you KNOW they were banks, tells you that this phase of manipulation is almost over. And what you will find at the very bottom of this page, cinfirms for you not only this, but that they are desperate to finish this little game of theirs! Even if it was a game that cost them over a half a trillion dollars to play, and has lasted over 30 years!

Remember, when all of this began back in the 1970's, the world still had over 70 billion ounces of silver in bullion form remaining stored away in the world in reserves. Most of it owned by the Nation of the world and controlled by their governments.

Then, remember that back then there WERE no personal computers or cell phones or ipods or hardly anything at all by comparison to what there is today, to burn up more silver every single day, now that we have acess to all these things that we take for granted every day! All these things that even though we may right NOW be in a recession, or even a depression, will always be in demand. And now, the world's two most populous Nations on Earth are starting to enter into an economic growth stage where between just those two countries alone, the increase in demand for these products will grow exponentially, as millions of people per month enter into the middle class of those societies, and demand these products too!

And now, if he wanted to, now that it's under $10 per ounce on the COMEX, just one man could buy ALL the silver in the entire world up including every last pre-1965 dime, quarter and half dollar, for just a little over ten billion dollars! Pretty scary when you realize that this is now made possible, because at most there is now only about a billion ounces TOTAL silver left in the world today, because it has been all used up forever by circuit boards and computer chips for the past 30 plus years! And our mining industry has been persuaded by the leasing that the banks had arranged for them, to stop increasing output to meet this new demand. and then by JUST this sort of price manipulation continues and as of August, even accelerates. Intended solely to create the world's first ever complete exhaustion of all silver supplies simply so that the Banks will never forced to go back to a non-fiat system, because they HAVE thought this through and know that a gold only backed system will sooner or later fail too! If it's ever tied?

Remember, SILVER is the current Banking System's only true threat! Because it is the ONLY metal that can be broken down in weight and size reasonably to handle with the human thumb and fingers, and still possess enough value to be a substitute for THEIR substitute to purchase the daily staples of life with. In ANY society, "paper money", now that it's not a promise to pay, is really soon to be worth no more than the paper it's printed on! Because of what you see on the charts above!

Which isn't going to be worth much very soon! Not after another even just two or three more weeks of what you see above on these charts. That's why any and ALL physical silver bullion prices compared to the COMEX price keeps getting larger and larger, (the spread between the COMEX spot price and physical bullion),  no matter HOW low they push the "paper price" down! That's why I suppose I'm being told that in Germany it now costs the equivalent of $30US for one ounce of ANY kind of silver! Any kind at all! And that's why soon, the COMEX will fold, and become am all "physical market only", and the price of silver will reach very likely, $500 per ounce, in less than two years!

The last time monetary injection happened at such a steep ratem but then over the period of several years in this country, once it had a chance to begin to be reflected in the state of hyperinflation that we then just barely touched upon, will soon seem like nothing in comparison to what we WILL see happen as a result of it THIS time! Because this time, they are injecting WAY too much, way too fast!

So even with the charts above only, anyone can see that this is no laughing matter! Thankfully, I captured the first image while it was still even possible to do so! That way, you at lest have SOME REAL way to "see" and compare the real scope of what's going on and how it compares over a longer period of time! Without having them change the scale, make the chart a "logarithmic" one, and limit the period time backward you can see now just so that it doesn't look so shocking! But yes! The vertical up-spike on the tail end of the second chart has now been tripled! And it does appear that this was done intentionally, just  to make it harder to see the full effect of this monetary injection compared to all monetary base "adjustments"  throughout the last century!

Not that it doesn't look bad enough just being allowed to compare it across the last 15 years!.. It does! Even this "now maximum time line" that the FED's charts will allow you to display, shows quite clearly the severity of how much cash they are printing right now, and how much digital currency they are pumping into the system like a pressure cooker ready to explode, instead of doing the "sane thing", and simply allowing failing banks to fail, and allowing the well run ones, to run!

Bottom line... This is NOTHING but a hyperinflationary rouse to TRY to inflate Washington's way out of debt while handing over permanent rights to forever allow the Federal Reserve Banking System to violate Article one, Section Ten of the U.S. Constitution that specifically prohibits ANYONE, not even any individual State OF the Union, to ever use anything but silver and gold as a form of payment of debt, both public and private!

What they are trying to do, is a VERY risky maneuver! One that is blatantly illegal, but so what! No one is protesting to even try to stop them! No one is complaining! And until we ALL do, all at once, nothing will ever change! It will only get worse!

And by the time we even CAN complain now, even if we all wanted to, it would probably already be too late because the Leaders that we have apparently allowed to stay in Congress and Senate for far too long, surely must have been corrupted to the point that they decided they are all willing to look the other way, long, long ago!

Just a few weeks ago, both party leaders were on TV every day blaming the "other side", while NOT ONE Congressman or Senator stepped up to the microphone to explain to "We the People", that even before they voted on it, that this "emergency basis cash injection into the banking and insurance industry", was already transpiring! And at a rate MUCH larger then they were even considering! Because the process of monetary injection, printing currency, adding to the "monetary base", call it what you will, is ALWAYS done just this way! Through the creation of debt! OUR debt! Our inflationary debt!

THEY have allowed this to happen! EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM have been complicit in this crime! For the very same reasons recently, as every one of our founding forefathers argued against the dangers of banks, and paper currency prior to 1800! They knew then that the temptation and greed of men would destroy our economy and our currency, and allow the rich to forever steal from the poor if EVER the banks were allowed to do what they do today, and substitute paper for silver and gold!

That's why they made it a Constitutional requirement that it should never be allowed to happen! And that's why when the charter for even THIS Federal Reserve Bank was approved on Christmas Eve, 1913, with UNDER a quorum even present to vote on it, it was approved with a measure that allows it to be revoked at any time! Even NOW! But that's something that no incumbent Congressman or Senator would ever do!

Because just as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson predicted and warned us, the temptation to fall victim to greed if our currency is ever allowed to fall under the control of private hands that are permitted to substitute paper money for silver and gold, then we will likely forever loose that stability and assurance of honesty forever! And that it would be lost forever, through bribery, and every measure and means of dishonesty that our Representatives would forever after be influenced by! And that is exactly what has happened!

And so soon, ALL the silver that the world once owned, will just be gone! Gone forever like all the rest! We've gone from 87 billion ounces of silver bullion in the world in 1971, all the way down to just about or less than one billion ounces of it left in the world today! And we are still using almost 780 million ounces of it a year in industry alone, with that number growing by 6% a year, while the mines are still only producing a maximum of 550 to 570 million ounces a year! A number that for the most part, is unchanged in a decade! But why WOULD they even try to produce any more, when many company's cost of production is more than what it's selling for today? They can right now, buy it for cheaper on the COMEX than they can mine and refine it themselves! And that's WHY they WILL "clean out" every last bar left in the COMEX warehouses, very, very soon! Which is exactly what the Federal Reserve Bank wants!

The manipulation of the National Debt by these means, and the "payola" to the banking system that is inferred by the rights to continue forever "business as usual" for them, is a very risky thing for all of us! But not because they fear that anyone "will get caught"! But because it is literally jeopardizing everything this Nation once had, and stood for!

Already it is very evident that our economy is in the biggest crisis ever, and they are very likely making it evem worse! MUCH worse!

Soon, the very existence of even our modern way of life may be entirely crippled as they use the soon MORE than just "the shortage of", but the outright non-existence of any silver bullion stockpiles left anywhere as the excuse to permanently delete Article one, Section ten of the Constitution, and begin the process of dramatically inflating the price of everything that uses silver! Even beyond the rate of the inflation that is dead certain to come now! And all these things that make our lives what it is today, will begin to go WAY up in price, because that have already used up all this silver that USED to be the entire world's money at one time Because electronics must use silver since it IS the only BEST conductor of both heat and electricity known to science!

And it all happened because the banks set the stage to guarantee that the silver miners and the refineries of the world, no longer had any incentive to produce enough to keep up with demand! Because the Banks have been willing to manipulate the price so low, for so long, even knowing that it will soon be the THE most precious metal of them all, on an industrial basis alone, just so they can forever guarantee their own right to exist as they have been allowed to exist with a currency system that is not even as old as I am. An "experiment", that has taken away an entire industry's motive to expand.. "Profit"!

But remember, this is a plan that was designed and executed even without and before Congress and Senate's approval of even the first few "pages of their plan" as the charts above absolutely prove! And it is a plan that the men who are making these decisions and taking these actions to implement it, were never even voted into office!

But what is MOST scary for us here, is that they likely have no real way to even control the devastating effects of the hyperinflation it will cause once it starts! And we will find out, just as Germany did in 1925, that hyperinflation is a run-away freight train, fully loaded without any brakes! A train that sooner or later WILL jump the tracks, and require a replacement currency for the original one! JUST as it did in Germany in the 1920's! But then, what ever made anyone think that this isn't exactly what they had in mind all along?

But then... Doesn't anyone remember the meeting of "the three amigos", and GWB's presidential decree signed into law committing us to an economic alliance "for the prosperity of" the North American Continent. back in 2003 that becomes effective in 2010? What? Did you really think that they were going to just drop that initiative because some long hair hippie types protested against NAFTA and then CAFTA, the very fore-runners of that entire plan?

Our Congress and Senate SHOULD be controlling what they can, instead of doing this, creating a side show, sewing together window dressing while the Federal Reserve Bank and an ex-private investment bank CEO  take the initiative to set the final stage for all of that, by causing massive hyperinflation down the road! All by looking the other way, and allowing all of this to happen!

All while The Federal Reserve, who is neither Federal, nor has any reserves, starts passing out all that newly created money, (debt), all created through and by debt, yours and mine! Instead, they SHOULD be prosecuting those individuals and banks that ARE creating the very situation by forcing our entire world's silver supply out of existence! Our REAL money and wealth, which COULD have prevented this whole mess to begin with had it not been for the temptation of evil inherent in paper currency not backed by silver and gold JUST as Thomas Jefferson warned us to begin with. Amd all just so the Banks can do THIS, and become even wealthier still all on the backs of all those that never could afford it to begin with!

Remember, the amount by which the vertical incline on those charts at the far right hand edge which are going  straight up by almost unfathomable amounts now, represent all this new money that is being created BY DEBT that you and I will owe! And the difference between the first chart and the second, shows that this huge increase is now happening by the week, not the decade as was the pace before that! The second chart shows an equal amount has been added again, week by week, twice over compared to the first one! And those three amounts are NOT any PART of the $700 billion bail out plan just approved by Senate and then Congress. The $700 billion bail out package, as it is called, is just a part of any one of them! And each of those three steps shown are nearly twice that amount! And they are now only beginning!

Each week another amount of new "monetary base", to use the term that they say is now "PC" to refer to it by, gets added to what was already in existence, and shows up as an increase by another amount equal to what you saw on the first chart that amounts to 188 billion dollars in ADDITIONAL new money created and THROWN at the banks, insurance company's and investment banks EACH DAY! Seven days a week! With no apparent end in site! This, is HIGHLY inflationary! And any Senator of Congressman that cannot see that, does not deserve his/her job as MY Representative!

That's 1.318 TRILLION Dollars a week! VERY week! WAY more than "the window dressing" amount presented to us in a "dog and pony show" MIS-representation of the facts by the billionaire globalists controlled media on BOTH sides! And what you see of the second chart, which is already outdated already because this is STILL going on, and yet it already amounts to roughly 4 trillion dollars of newly created money, and debt thrust into our system!

Debt that is backed by YOU, and by me, and will be backed by our children, essentially providing the capacity to double our national debt again if it keeps on going, and it will, in less that three months! This is way more than just "inflationary", This is WAY hyperinflationary! But then that's what this us all about! That's what they want! And why the ONLY thing that you can do to protect yourself, in spite of what it looks like because they first lower the price of oil before it explodes, and in spite of what you hear about deflationary spirals and lessening home vakues, is to BORROW money if you need to... but do whatever you HAVE to, to buy all the silver bullion you can! And the higher the quality, the better!

All of this data changes each month, but the trend is clear! The plan has been set, and now like it or not, they are about to take us on one wild ride! And the charts above, which you can easily look up for yourself, will change frequently over time. And may even already be different by now! So for the remainder of this "conversation", I will simply refer to the first chart that shows the change in just the very first week that it appeared on these charts. Proving that it is, and was even before they voted to allow for, because they unconstitutionally gave up[ the right to control out monetary supply, way back in 1913! And so what you see is almost DOUBLE what our Congress approved, and was already created out of debt, loaned out "the discount window", and already "spent", long before they even met to even discuss the second version of "the banking and economic stimulus plan"!

But I DO encourage you to keep an eye of them yourself! AND write to your Congressmen and Senators now that you know the truth! (Right after you buy all the silver you can get your hands on that is!)

Since the first chart was released on Oct, 8, 2008, and I wrote the first part starting a week ago and it's now the 23rd, and the second chart one week later contains two more weeks worth of data, this tells you that it normally takes anywhere from one day, all the way up to two weeks for "new money" to "go through the system," and be reported in order to show up here. (Just so you know.)

Even though I have no idea why it seems there is or can be such a delay in providing this data for this most recent one, unless this data was being delayed intentionally while the 'web site guys" at the St. Louis FED were realizing just how much these recent escalations made EVERYTHING look SO out of whack if they continued to allow you to see how it looks by comparison to the data going all the way back to 1920! And so getting the authorization to change the data available range and altering the chart to a logarithmic presentation format, is probably what took so long THIS time! Explaining why you and I can no longer even see the "full picture" anymore!

Yea,.. but we can still imagine it can't we! And soon enough, everyone will feel it every time you shop for anything! So everyone will know soon enough anyhow!

But what does THIS have to do EXACTLY again with why silver will have to go up in value? Compared to everything else I mean? Otherwise, it would make just as much since to put all your wealth into big bags of peanuts! Right?! And the answer is because of psychology believe it or not! And the very last thing I mentioned (way) above, that is required by all men, in all times, for anything to be construed usable as "currency" over time!

History shows us that right after about two generations is the longest time ever in man's history that an "all fiat currency system" has ever lasted before it's effects started to have an adverse impact so severe, that it bankrupted every nation or kingdom that ever tried it! Or at last came very, very close to it! And the reason is because of the hyperinflation that the temptation to print all this excess money creates!

Just as Thomas Jefferson warned us it would even back then! He warned that once i power and control, there would be nothing to stop the men put in charge of it, from printing too much if it were ever allowed, because the schemes that CAN be devised to profit from it at the cost of society are far too profitable for them to ignore! And far too many for them to not notice! So the temptation to do these things if allowed is simply just far too great!

The thing that must be remembered and understood is that the "faith" that the people in the currency, ANY currency, must be ENOUGH faith in that currency, in order for us to belief in it as a "store of value". And that is has that value as something that you can hold in the human hand, enough to respect it. And there must be a reason sufficient enough to give us cause to perceive it as having value! And not just for now, or on the day that it was first created. But also over time.

And due to this factor, the need to be able to perceive something that you can hold in your hand, and carry in your pocket or purse as having value to it, The psychology of the human mind is the key to predicting whether it could ever happen successfully once the effects of this monetary expansion are felt. Which can be and almost always is something that is a delayed reaction to the mometary expansion itself!

But by then, because of the need to remonetizing one metal, gold, without the other, silver, the human mind will simply say that if it's not worth respecting as a store of value, because it doesn't represent enogh of something that you can hold onto "in the human hand". In this case even more importantly, because it's just too ridiculously small to measure, let alone "handle" it, so it's not worth saving! Because it's not worth respecting as a stoire of value!

Some might argue that this may be true, but before the Euro, we had the Italian Lira! Where it took a few thousands to buy a sandwich! And millions to but a car. MANY million! And we still have a virtual world full of other currencies that are ALL valued way under the dollar! And yet that never made THEM worthless! And that's true! But you could always value a hundred or a thousand or a million of them, to a 5.10 or 20 dollar Federal Reserve Note, or a stack of them! Which IS the "world reserve currency" at the moment, and has been every sincve the gold standard was ever dropped to begin with!

"world reserve currency"...

Which simply means, "that by which all other currencies are compared to and measured against". But once you devalue the dollar by trying to reattach it now BACK to gold, which always was and still is a currency by definition, one that is undervalued just the same as silver but without the added industrial "leverage" that silver offers, you not only risk making the dollar virtually worthless by revaluing it's true worth in comparison to the gold our government owns, but by virtue of that you risk doing the same to all other world currency too! Because gold was the ultimate currency to begin with! And now it's grown in value a LOT since the last time it was used as a currency!  And it was a mistake to demonetize it in the first place... But now it will be nearly if not completely impossible for ANY nation's government to successfully replace the US$ with any other currency now for  this very reason! Not with a gold-only back only anything! Not even the U.S. Government!

Because with a hypothetical "gold only" backed currency, by the time we experience a continuation of the rapid inflation that will eventually be proportionate to the monetary expansion seen on the charts above and what is yet to come, without a "lesser value sister metal" of some sort as the solution to the resulting hyperinflation that brought about the need to do it in the first place, then the "human experience" of needing something of value to hold in one's hand would make it  impossible to perceive of the value of $5, 10$ of $20 worth of gold... because it will be less than a flake!  Or to perceive the value of the currency that "represents" it! Because of the infinitesimally small amount of gold that even a hundred dollar bill would actually representst!

So no one would ever be able to perceive of any real value being in a $20 bill anymore! Because of what our minds would be telling us that $20 bill is worth! Nothing! JUST the paper it's printed on. A scratch pad, and nothing more!   Whether it was in terms of being backed by gold or or hot dogs, it doesn't really matter which! Once the hyperinflation kicks in that makes men realize the our currency once again needs to be backed by something with real value in the first place, it literally NEEDS to be more than just one thing!

Because the amount of gold represented by $10 or $20, would become so small that it would eventually blow away if you so much as sneezed in it's general direction from a football field away! Because gold alone can not stop Banks from printing more and more notes to represent an ever decreasing amount of  gold relative to the currency the total stockpiles remaining of represent! Only having a guarantee that you can EXCHANGE your "paper money" for gold AND silver, would ever be. and ever has been, ANY practical solution to no paper currency at all! Just what George Washington himself argued in his very first Presidential address to the very first Senate! Although of course, not in exactly those same terms!

Because if they were to "re-monetize" all our nation's gold alone right now, as there is no longer any silver left to help back our Nation's existing monetary base even a year ago let alone what is soon to exist, (before the vertical spikes in the above charts took place and before they continue to), a hundred dollar bill would represent about 1/1,000th of an ounce of gold, and that is only about 3/100ths of a gram!. Too small for most men to measure, so imagining it as having value, is out of the question!

And that would make a $20 bill in the mind of ANY man, woman or child psychologically SO valueless in comparison to it's REAL worth, especially after being adjusted for the hyperinflation that would make remonitizing gold necessary and desireable as a solution to it, such that no one would ever be able to perceive them as being ANY real store of value anymore! One of the key five ingredients to ANYTHING every being able to be used long term as a currency!

So you would HAVE to have silver as well, in order for the human mind to even be able to begin to perceive something tangible, that a $20 bill would represent and be worth that you wouldn't throw away as opposed to the hassle of xaring for it and carrying it around like an old candy bar wrapper for moths on end! Even if it's only worth by then, a half of a a candy bar! At least with and in a way, because of silver, it  is something that you can imagine holding in your hand!

Without it as a part of the solution, ANY solution, the instant revaluing of the precious metals to reflect how many notes and "digital debts" are currently already in the entire system, you would have to start to add six to nine zeros at the tail end of every single note printed in order for anyone to be able to perceive ANY paper currency as having ANY value at all!  Unless of course you did the inevitable and unthinkable, and started allowing and even encouraging even more hyperinflation by adding all those zeros and adding expiration dates because eventually you'll you run out of room for more zeros on the paper note itself! Just like Zimbabwe is doing right now!

That too is an example of why in the entire history of mankind, gold alone has NEVER successfully been used as currency by itself before! Because gold is for large transaction, and the currency of Kings and Presidents and even international trade! But silver, is the money of men!

Gold has always needed silver to accompany it "as money" for these reasons at all times! And as such, it is both a highly valued and required commodity AND a currency now for the first time ever. Twice what gold is in a way! And for that reason, every time in history that a nation or an empire has ever attempted to create any all non-fiat currency system, or even one such as in 1830 when the Czar of Russia tried to replace silver ONLY while keeping the gold in circulation too, it always failed by the passing of the second generation at the latest! As every economic system that was ever forced to try it, began to crumble under the dead weight of a worthless currency!

Including BOTH times that   the entire Roman Empire almost destroyed itself trying to accomplish this same thing hundreds of years before it eventually failed anyhow! But for very different reasons! Because gold has always been, and eventually will return to being the money of "king and country". While silver has always been used right along side of it, as the money of the common man!

BUT, herein lies the hope! Whether "they", "the banks"  get away with it or not... the fact that the World's Central Banks, Commercial Banks and Bullion Banks together or separately are effecting a reduction in the price on silver right now even if it really is just for "industry only", and not the investment community where there is now ten times the demand as last year, it means that the price of silver will soon be skyrocketing!

80% of investment is going going un-met! So whatever silver you buy today for whatever price you can get it for, should be worth many, many times what it's worth today o a matter of only a few years at best, no matter how much you pay today! Because the banks are proving to you, for you, that the world is almost out of silver, and soon there won't be enough silver bullion reserves left to satisfy even industry's needs. And that's when the investment community, although it will have it's part to play too, won't even need to drive up the price. Because industry will soon do it all, all on it's own!. Because they will have to, or go out of business. Period.

The Banks, by effecting this temporary "sale", assuming you are not so foolish as to believe the reasons the talking heads on TV are trying to tell you that the metals prices are down right now so far, are basically letting you know that feel they have enough silver under their control now, that they think they have the power to for the price lower to make sure that even the mining companys will step in to empty the existing warehouse stocks of it now. With production costs for pure silver producers ranging from $10-16 per ounce today, even they are now beginning to purchase the remaining bullion in the COMEX, the TOCOM, and other warehouses around the word. Simply because they can buy the existing bullion for cheaper than they can pull it out of the ground and process it themselves.

for the moment, but their forcing the price lower and causing this growing premium between that it means three things to you, me, our children and maybe even all of our children's children. It means that the total amount of silver bulion is finally, just now, for the very first time in history, SO extremely low, that they now control the greatest portion of the largest stockpiles of silver that are left remaining in the world.

And those stockpiles, are nothing compared to what they were when they started this quest! In just 37 years time, they have come so very close to their final goal, that it looks as if there may be no stopping them now. And they achieved it through a through a well coordinated long term attack on the price of silver that is finally almost over done.

By using strategies such as blatant price manipulation achieved via attacks on the price of "paper silver" futures contracts specifically created for the benefit of industry to be able hedge their own long term needs for the world's second most used, and forever used up commodity ever mined or drilled from under the earth. Furures contracts that trade on the COMEX with the promise to deliver future silver through that market thatb was worth over the years, hundreds and hndreds of billions of dollars worth of silver that no longer exists, using those futures and options contracts that they spent well over a quarter if not a half trillion dollars on establishing and maintaining over that time!

By creating paper markets like the  Kitco Pool Accounts and the Perth Mint Certificate programs, in order to to reduce the physical silver investment demand, in order to assure themselves that it would not still be there "tomorrow", or ever to keep them from their ultimate goals, which are not in the silver industry at all! While our lawmakers were made it LEGAL for them to take your money and reinvest it elsewhere instead of add to their warehouses silver FROM the COMEX and the private mints they SID they were buying from, whenever business went up and they took in even more of the investment community's money to do just that! To buy and hold their silver for them!

By playing the same "fractional reserve system game" with your silver instead that the banks "play" with your money! Charging not interest, but commissions, insurance, excessive surcharges and storage fees for silver that they never even had! And instead, sold it away and funded other investments for themselves, and backed the books of other industry leaders and sister companies in the mining and refining business until delivery times grew longer and longer, and rationing became commonplace to inform the intelligent and well informed, that this surely MUST be what is happening!

By not just allowing, but even encouraging the industry itself to fall further and further behind on their production and delivery schedules each year. By offering them a cheaper solution to their problems so they WON'T have to expand. By offering them instead, a deal on what they have the most control over... money, and final say! Final say on who gets what, for how much! As the industries that "burn it up" forever, are loaned the money now at extra low rates to entice then to stock up RIGHT now while the "half price sale" is on for them intill late every night! While the dealers and to an extend, even the refiners of these investment products like 10 and 100 ounce investment grade, and even highly collectable one ounce "art bars" and rounds, are straining to even remain in business for lack of supply!

Because in spite of rising investment demand now ten times greater than last year alone, which was several times greater toward the end of it than it was in 2006, these dealers and refiners have largely been forced to remain dependent upon a source for  silver to make their new products out of, from the silver pouring in from the public as if this were 1926, or 1979! When in fact, there is basically NO more silver coming into the system from the public anymore at all!

And this is leaving glass show cases in coin shops and bullion dealers shoppes and retail stores world wide, SO empty, that they have been forced the offer huge premiums over "spot" as they up until just a year ago were always able to purchase silver from the public for a dollar or even a dollar and a half UNDER the COMEX spot price! But no more! Today, their glass display cases are still scarce and empty, while the larger bullion dealers in Detroit that until this spring never had less that five to six thousands ounces in stock at any given time. now they are lucky, or actually you are, if you can catch them on a day when they have 30 ounces total to sell!

And some dealers, and even refiners now are advertising that they will pay YOU as much as $4, and soon to be $5  over spot now! And yet they still typically have 15 buyers for every one seller willing to sell any silver at all! And the sellers, hardly ever sell enough silver to these dealers to satisfy even the wants and needs of even just one buyer. Because it is coming very close now, to the point of there literally not being any left in public hands that are willing, or have to sell anymore. And soon, a great many of those coin and bullion shops will be closing for good, because you can't pay the rent if you have nothing to sell!

This "source" the world over used to be known as "recycling". As the Banks have the entire silver investment complex SO backlogged with orders now taking as long as 15 weeks and more for those that are willing to "bite the bullet", and buy in large enough quantity to even be able to negotiate a price with them now, the delivery waiting times times are falling father and farther behind, because investment demand is standing second in line behind the users that will destroy that silver forever. And put the smallest amount imaginable in to everything from circuit boards to keypads, to even office copy paper now too!

They traded some of it away to fund other investments totally outside of silver or bullion or even the whole metals industry, a lot of it funneled back into the banks themselves, while they assisted the world's central banks, in helping them to make sure that eventually 99% of the world's previously mined silver would go to industry, instead of ever stand the chance of becoming "money" ever again.

leasing silver directly to industry to prevent them from needing to expand in order to achieve economies of scale in order to keep up with demand via their own production at all, and even paying them.. this silver moner and refiners to "borrow" the silver they never asked for back by offering negative interest rates on renewed leases year after yar after year all this time, they depleted a stockpile worldwide down from just about 87 billion ounces, to less than on;y 1 billion ounces left on the entire surface of the earth! And  until gold is now somewhere between 5 and 10 times more abundant in bullion form today than silver is!

Remember, a month ago at last I checked, the COMEX warehouses only had 14% of the silver needed to cover the existing contractsm which are held   mostly, by banks! And just two of them at that! One, controlling the overwhelming majority of thise contracts! That one, being the one commercial bank with the longest, and closest association with the Federal Reserve Bank System in History. And besides the Federal Reserrve Bank itself, the largest on this continent if I;m not mistalen. And it wouldn't surpurse me one bit it the largest shareholders of that banks, turned out to be by far, the largest shareholders of the FED.

in existence. Since then, the "paper price" has fallen by 40% from 14.50 to just over $9.00. that they feel a need to push even harder to persuade the industrial community to rush to buy the rest of it up a lot quicker... And do it right now! But ... It also means that they know, and now so do you, that there is SO little silver left in the world in comparison to how much is used up forever each year, month and day by industry for all the things that use forever that for them, NOW is the time to "strike while the iron is hot"! NOW is the time to do whatever they can to effect the sale and consumption, the total and final obliteration of all of it that they can in order to destroy the only threat to their continued existence forever.


Now it the time they are lowering the price to literally entice the only purchaser of silver, to take it "ll off the table". And literally destroy it forever.

It;s the biggest :sacrifice pop fly" ever in the hstory of finance occuring right now. And they have to do it right now, because it's  just after the last og the world government sold their very last ounce, to do doing everything they possibly can to make sure that this CURRENCY called silver come tomorrow, is all but extinct! And those who have it at the end, like a big game of musical chairs, will be the winner!

And isn't it odd that it would STILL sell JUST as quick if not more quickly into the investment demand community, but they don't seem to be willing to allow you and I to buy hardly any of it... with the likes of the U.S. Mint saying they can't find enough "blanchets" to make one more silver dollar, and now can't find enough gold to make one more double eagle?) But yet at the same time, that still means that they are at least close enough to being all out of silver, that cutting the price in half will make a huge difference to them in the amount of time it will take for them to make it all disappear forever quickly enough, by selling it into the industrial demand side! And that while the entire COMEX may fail because of it, their "ponzy-scheme" of insuring that their all-fiat, fractional reserve banking system will be able go on forever, they don't care how fast they sell off the last of their silver. and in fact, the quicker the better!!

Well OK, that's actually the good news AND the bad news all rolled into one truthfully! NOT just the good news! Because whereas it does mean that it will take the next coming of Jesus now that we've missed our only other opportunity to elect the only other "economic savior" out there, (at least for our children's economy), into a high enough public office to get the job done of taking BACK the rights to our own future, and our own wealth from the Federal Reserve System BANDITS that intentionally created itself in order to steal it from us! But it also means that anyone investing in high quality silver today, will be MUCH better off in just five short years from now than the first ten investors in Microsoft or Apple Corporations, back in the early to mid 1980's!

WAY better off!

Because as soon as that happens, as soon as these banks DO sell the rest of their silver which CAN'T be all THAT far behind the governments of the world selling the last of their silver stockpiles, OR when Senate and Congress finally wake up and do what is right, (IF they do it soon enough), the investment community won't even HAVE to bid the price of silver up on the COMEX, or on what in Europe has now become a completely two-stage market for all silver! One for industry, and another one that is entirely separate for investment grade silver, like is slowly happening right now on eBay in N. America, and other bullion auction sites where silver is now ALWAYS, even in JUNK silver now trading at a minimum of a 50-60% premium OVER the spot price!

Once industry (not including photography and silverware and jewelry and investment demand), but JUST industry alone that is already using up close to 200 million ounces more per year than what is currently being mined and refined each year, now that the silver supply deficit just gotten another 80 million ounces or so larger each year now that there IS NO MORE government silver to fill that part of the gap, which the BANKS are for now making up that difference IN ADDITION to what they used to make up every year anyhow, an amount even larger than what the governments themselves were selling into the supply side, the price of silver WILL HAVE to get pushed higher by industry itself!

Just as soon as the banks run out of the rest of their silver, THEN we reach the REAL "zero inventory day", and then industry will either pay for these collectable art bars, every cent they are worth and THEN some, and by then they will be worth up to hundreds of times what they are today to them, and that's BEFORE counting on their protection against the hyperinflation still to come from all the damn paper money that the Central Banks have been printing in excess of 20% more of each and every year now since this new millennium has begun worldwide!... And THEN industry itself will push the price of silver up for us, not just TO the moon, but past it! Because it will be either that, or stop making anything electronic until they are willing to substitute platinum or gold, or else the entire mining industry gets taken over by government too, and THEY are forced to find and refine more silver!

Just the same way the Romans, the Russian Czars, the Greeks and the Egyptians, and even the Babylonians before them had to! One way or another! Whether it is for money, or for our "modern way of life" and all the electronic that :use it up forever", physical silver bullion IS going to go sky high in price! There IS no other choice!! And it's only a matter of time. And thanks TO the Central Banks now "tipping their hand" for us, now we know that the time is near! Because they are offering the rest of what THEY own of it, up for complete destruction to and by industry, on a "half price sale"!

But like all sales, this one won't last forever either! You know what they say at the end of every spring "Half Price Linen Sale" commercial, no matter if it's a commercial for Sears or K-Mart of whomever don't you?

"Hurry, because these prices won't last for long!"

Gee! This economic stuff really ISN'T all THAT hard to figure out, if you just pay attention every now and then, and learn to read the "writing on the wall" a little bit! I mean really! It's all pretty obvious if you just think it through! Why do you think that all those ultra-high-power secret societies even exist in the first place? And each of them meet in secret each year, every year?!

It sure isn't to get together to play "tidily-winks" you know!

So don't be surprised if a rare set of two beautiful and matched-up, never removed from their holders, never touched by ungloved human hands fine .999 pure 10 ounce art bars like this one might even turn out to be the best investment you ever made in your life!

That's why the original owner bought them! Too bad for him, but, good for you that he needs the money right now, or else you would never even see one of these pairs being offered here, or anywhere else for at least another five years from now! And by then. very likely for five thousand dollars at least!

Good luck! And may God Bless!