Michigan Bird Listers
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This project is a compilation of total numbers for various lists birders might keep in the course of birding in Michigan. Included are County Life List totals, Site Life List totals, State Life List total, Big Year totals, Big Day totals, etc. County and Site Life lists are solicited, updated annually, and kept in a file for each county.
While there is obviously some competitive aspect to the compilation, hopefully a friendly one, there is no way to document that these totals or list are 100 percent true or accurate so take them with a grain of salt.
In addition, it was hoped by the original author of the compilation that this project might increase local awareness among Birder's and the habitats used by birds and in turn, might possibly tie in with local conservation efforts.

Annual Bird Compilations Totals
15th Annual Bird Compilation 2005
16th Annual Bird Compilation 2006
17th Annual Bird Compilation 2007
18th Annual Bird Compilation 2008
19th Annual Bird Compilation 2009
20th Annual Bird Compilation 2010
21th Annual Bird Compilation 2011
22th Annual Bird Compilation 2012
23th Annual Bird Compilation 2013
24th Annual Bird Compilation 2014
25th Annual Bird Compilation 2015
26th Annual Bird Compilation 2016
County by County Species Compilations
Alcona    Alger    Arenac    Bay    Baraga    Berrien

Calhoun    Cass    Cheboygan    Emmet    Huron

Houghton    Ingham    Iosco    Keweenaw    Lapeer

Midland    Livingston    Macomb    Mecosta   Oakland

Osceola   Saginaw    Saint Joseph    Tuscola    Van Buren   
Independent Site Specific Species Compilations
Belle Isle checklist

Canton checklist

Crosswinds Marsh checklist

Dearborn checklist

Detroit River Hawk Watch

Michigan checklist

Nichols Arboretum checklist

Point Moulliee Checklist

Port Crescent Hawk Watch

Tawas Point Checklist

U.P. Checklist       UP Checklist Info       UP Checklist print info   
UP Checklist Taxonomic Chgs

Any questions or corrections on the annual totals or County list should be addressed to Scott Jennex at
"cccta(AT)aol.com". Replace (AT) with @.
Any responsibility for the accuracy of the information should be addressed with Scott.