Final Expressions
Death is the last chance we have to speak out.
Why not express your life in a truly unique way.
This site list some of the most creative ways of scattering ashes and environmentally friendly burial ideas for a Green funeral.

Scattering Plans

If you wish your remains scattered it is important to discuss your wishes ahead of time with the person who will do the scattering ceremony.

When it comes to scattering there are many options. If the location is on private property you should seek permission of the owner. If it is on public land you should check local regulations. Many people pick a place close to home that held special meaning to the deceased. This might be a place of recreation like, the local park, hunting or camping site, fishing hole, a hiking trail, a scenic view etc. There is no limit.

Also when scattering the remains in an anonymous, unmarked or public place. Access to the area may be restricted for some reason in the future, undeveloped land may be developed, or other conditions may arise that could make it difficult for your survivors to visit the site to remember you. So discuss your desires with loved ones in advance. It is always a good idea to retain some of the ashes to keep or to scatter in a separate location in the future. Keepsake urns are ideal for this purpose.

Survivors need some thing to hold onto or some place to go and reflect on previous memories for the years to come. This can be any place that will be meaningful to the deceased or the survivors. Some cemeteries have scattering gardens as well.
Creative Cremation Ash Scattering Services, memorial ideas and
cremated ash dispersing options.

Aerial Ash Disposition Service
Ash scattering performed by aircraft or boat at sea anywhere along the US Pacific Coast.
Blue Sky Goodbye 
The ability to scatter your loved one’s ashes via sky dive.
Aerial Missions
Specializing in nationwide ash & cremains scattering by air.
Angel Air National Ash Scattering Service
A nationwide professional ash scattering service.
Angels Flight
Cremated ash scattering from within a beautiful Fireworks Display.
Ashes on the Sea
Dignified scattering of cremated remains off the southern California coast.
Celebrate Life
Cremains dispersal by personalized fireworks display anywhere in the US.
Celebration Forest
Celebration Forest will plant a memorial tree on a protected forest preserve and dedicate it in honor of your loved one.
Earth orbit, Missions to the Moon and Deep Space Burials are now ready for take-off.
Cloud-Nine Coastal Flights
Aerial dispersion of cremated remains off California's Big Sur coastline.
Eternal Ascent Society
Offers balloon ascent and release of cremains of loved ones.
Eternal Reefs
An Eternal Reef combines a cremation urn, ash scattering and a burial at sea into one meaningful permanent environmental tribute to life.
Four Winds Aerial Scattering
Conducts affordable and prompt aerial burials over the Atlantic near the Chesapeake Bay.
Heaven's Wings
California air scattering service.
High Sierra Gardens
Personal scattering service in the beautiful high Sierra Nevada Mountains of California among majestic peaks, serene forests and clear cascading creeks.
Life Gem
The patent pending LifeGem is a certified, high-quality diamond created from the carbon of a loved one as a memorial to their unique life.
Memorial Ecosystems
Nationwide scatterings - permanent woodlands, prairies, deserts, and mountains.
Memorial Art
Ashes to art. Families can now preserve memories of their loved ones by turning the cremated ashes into artworks.
Ocean Cremation Disposition
Faithful and reverent scatterings of cremated remains at sea.
Ocean Scatterings
Offering both accompanied and unaccompanied ash disbursements.
Pacific Coast Ashes At Sea
Dignified burial at sea. Performed by scattering ashes in the Pacific Ocean.
Tropical Burials at Sea, LLC
Ash scattering in the warm tropical waters of the Florida Keys.
Wing And A Prayer
Burial at sea and on land by scattering cremated remains by plane in Northern and Central California.
Release at Sea
Ashes are released 40ft underwater in the warm tropical waters of Florida.
ECO Ash Scattering
•Simple, earth-friendly options for the scattering of ashes. •Choice of ecosystems in Oregon from the Pacific Ocean to the Cascade Mountains.

Unique Urns, Memorials Plaques, Stones and keepsake ideas.

Hold Me Urns
Huggable Teddy Bears that hold Ashes.
Cremation Solutions Resources
Cremation scattering urns and helpful ideas.
Perfect Memorials
Wide variety of Memorial Jewelry, Urns, Keepsakes etc.
Global Releaf
Plant trees in a American Forest as a living memorial.

Eco-Friendly Burial Sites Give a Chance to Be Green Forever.

Find a Green Cemetery
Eco-friendly burial a powerful new tool for protecting endangered habitat.
Memorial Ecosystems
Our award-winning company aspires to protect, restore and permantly endow one million acres of wild-lands over the coming decades..
Stewardship of nature through natural funerals.
Our fields, creeks, ponds, and woods provide a living memorial to those who seek common sense alternatives to current burial options
Greensprings natural cemetery preserve in New York.
Natural burial options in meadows or woodlands of New York.

What does Cremation cost?

The high expense of traditional funerals is another reason why cremations have become more popular. But cremation itself is no guarantee of a good value in a funeral.
Make sure you understand your options and don't get roped into services you don't really want or need.
You may wish to forgo one or all of the following in a cremation: the casket, the viewing, the visitation and the funeral service. Called "direct cremation," this option can cost consumers $1000 or less.
The Funeral Rule, a federal law that protects consumers from unfair funeral practices, says:
The funeral director should not charge you for embalming services with direct cremation because there will not be a viewing.
There is no state that has a law requiring the purchase of a casket with a cremation (in spite of what funeral directors may tell you).
You have the right to purchase an unfinished wood box to be used prior to cremation.
Finally, it is not necessary to purchase an expensive urn for remains. Crematories may place remains in a metal, plastic or cardboard container adequate for burying or transporting.
However, if you choose direct cremation, you definitely may still wish to hold a memorial service run by the family. Talk with your loved ones ahead of time. If planning your own funeral, don't just go with the cheapest option.
Keepsake Urns are useful to save small amounts of ashes for scattering or sharing with family members. It's not always possible to please the entire family so allowing each member an option of how or what they do with the Ashes can eliminate strife among family members.
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